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Awesome tech in the Nordics has often been overlooked due to insufficient venture capital and entrepreneurial structure. Our extensive experience in those two fields creates the perfect opportunity to consolidate and incorporate exciting tech ventures into our Group. We are then able to provide them with the skills and tools they need to grow further, whether in sales, structure, tech, programming or anything else our experience can help with. We then assist with scaling up their product into the most lucrative markets. We like the UK, we like Europe and we like the US and we don’t fear challenges. We believe our combined experience and desire to grow and develop can drive Nordic media tech entrepreneurship to unprecedented heights. There is a fire in businesses everywhere and an injection of Oxygen from Vo2Cap can help fuel success. 

Vo2 started by bringing together two of the leading companies on the scene. Douglas Roos, Patrik Sandberg and Daniel Ahlbert, of Netric Sales, and Oskar Sardi and Eric Gisaeus of Leeads. The companies were strong alone, but together, the vision for the future became clear. The media tech market is complex with many companies pulling in different directions. Large companies with hundreds of millions in SEK revenue are almost too big to fully understand. But those who do understand, see incredible potential.

We sought to make it simpler for our investors to understand while simultaneously offering a larger body overall to make the prospect even more attractive. 

Million sek 2020 (corona year)
Media owners/publisher
Advertisers / agencies as customers


By enabling Vo2 on the stock market, our company intends to consolidate the best media tech companies across Europe; market leaders in their niche with great finances, that are profitable and high growth. Vo2 is creating a new giant that is easy to understand and maintains a clear value in the market, offering it to shareholders on the stock exchange. Vo2 is always looking ahead and innovatively predicts the market’s future needs. We help our companies maintain a strong position in the market by injecting our special brand of Oxygen into our companies. We provide capital, talent and growth.

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