Commercial partner for media owners.

Providing Media owners with a steady stream of revenue for 10 years

Technology, Programmatic, DOOH. Leeads has, for the past 10 years, been a solid partner for publishers and media owners alike, reaching most of the Swedish population through advanced technology.

Sales combined with tech

For the past 10 years, Leeads has worked as a close partner to media owners and their revenue streams with great success, becoming a Swedish Gasell company three times. 

Leeads works with over 200 media owners and with a total turnover of around 141 million (2020) with positive results every year since the start.(24 million/sek internal sales within the Vo2 group). 

The key for Leeads is tech+sales; we love sales and technology! We believe that even the best technology cannot sell itself. A strong organisation with great culture has been the recipe for success since day 1. On top of that, we have introduced many great products to the media market.

The company was founded by Eric Gisaeus and Oskar Sardi. Eric also founded several other companies such as,,, Trigger Company and founded the Tech incubator Hypervalley. Oskar was the CEO for 10 years and has now entered the DOOH Market for Leeads with great success, digitising the outdoor billboard market and is now a Vo2 operational CEO. Oskar has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and is a backbone in the media industry.

Commercial partner
Over the years, Leeads has developed deeper relationships with its partner publishers, helping them with tech setups, advertising hosting and programmatic setups. This has led to an even stronger relationshipand increased revenue.

Digital out of home - DOOH

One of the hottest segments of advertising is DOOH, driving large revenue to a few companies on the market. Leeads has, in a short period of time, become a top 5 player in the Swedish market.

Furthermore, during 2021, Leeads became a media owner with a large LED screen in the center of Stockholm. Leeads already works with over 130 outdoor screens across Sweden. 

Leeads stronghold in the online programmatic scene is also adaptable in the DOOH segment. This is just the beginning for Leeads who will continue to expand and develop its business within DOOH.

141 million/sek

2020 (with internal revenue)




Media owners and publishers


Digital outdoor screens