Opportunity is Everywhere

Opportunity is Everywhere

We have been waiting for this moment

Vo2 is already on the move finding companies across the Nordics and Europe. We plan to expand our business across Europe the next coming years. What attracts Vo2 is rising stars within a niche in the tech media scene providing leading media owners with high revenue through technology. We only aim for profitable companies already proving to be a success in their market.

Are you running a company that might fit the Vo2 philosophy? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Constantly on the move (Vo2)

Huge potential for consolidation

Most companies are alone great companies but it requires one step more to make them scale even more across boarders. A consolidation of the industry is needed according to Vo2 and see the timing is perfect. Some companies has been running for 5-10 years with great growth. With synergies across the companies within Vo2 we can make each company scale and we also bring more oxygen into the core of the company.


Oct 7, 2022