Vo2 Cap AB is recruiting Aller Media's CEO

Vo2 Cap AB is recruiting Aller Media's CEO

Vo2 Cap AB is recruiting Aller Media's CEO ahead of a growth journey on the stock exchange.

The Chairman of the Board of Vo2 Cap, Douglas Roos, has recruited one of the media industry's top executives, Bodil Ericsson Torp, as the new President and CEO of Vo2 Cap AB (publ). The assignment is to lead the group on an expansive growth journey through acquisitions in media and tech.

Vo2 Cap AB has as previously announced an agreement with Curando in a so-called reverse acquisition and is planned to be ready for listing on Nasdaq First North at the end of August 2021.

-    “We have done a dream recruitment. I am impressed by the digital transformation journey that Bodil EricssonTorp has led Aller media for many years. Her unique ability to combine her business acumen, analysis, execution and professional leadership has proven itself through strong deliveries in results time and time again, for several years. She definitely has the right skills to lead our growth journey in the coming years, where we aim for a market capitalization of SEK 3 billion ", says Douglas Roos, Chairman of the Board of Vo2 Cap


Vo2 Cap AB was formed with the goal of building a leading Nordic group of companies active in tech / media. The business model consists of acquiring entrepreneurial companies with a proven business model and which show historical growth and profitability, but which have challenges in taking their growth to the next step. By gathering tech / media companies under one umbrella and taking advantage of synergies, knowledge and networks within the Vo2 Group, we create opportunities both to develop the individual companies within Vo2, and to strengthen the Group's accumulated position in the market. With the intended listing, Vo2 is given, through a broadened circle of owners and liquid share, an attractive platform that makes it possible to realize our vision and goals.

-    “I have a burning interest in business and tech in the media. This assignment feels extra exciting to have the privilege of pursuing a pronounced growth strategy through acquisitions, in addition to a wonderful group of experienced and highly qualified entrepreneurs. I look forward with great confidence to my CEO appointment in Vo2 Cap later this autumn, says Bodil Ericsson Torp.

Douglas Roos continues:

“In VO2, we are all entrepreneurs and media tech nerds and it is exciting to now begin our journey to being listed on the stock exchange. We meet interesting acquisitions on an ongoing basis and are ready to consolidate and oxygenate the Nordic region's future spearheads in media and tech. And now we are adding another important piece of the puzzle with Sweden's sharpest and nicest CEO in the media ”


Joins on 1 November 2021

Bodil Ericsson Torp comes most recently from the Nordic media group Aller media, where she successfully led the company as CEO of Sweden from October 2013, and where she will remain in the company until October 31, 2021. Under Bodil Ericsson Torp's management, Aller The Group has undergone a powerful digital transformation and expansion with a number of successful acquisitions. Bodil has led the Aller media Group to top ratings regarding the company's profitability over the past two years under severe pressure in the media industry.

Bodil Ericsson Torp holds a Master of Business Administration (Linköping University) and holds an Exec Master of Science in Communication and Change Management (University of Lugano, Switzerland). She also has a successful career behind her with several key positions during 15 years within Bonnier, where she was part of the group management for Bonnier AB for three years.

Bodil Ericsson Torp will take over as CEO of Vo2 Cap AB on November 1, 2021.


For further information contact:

Douglas Roos, Chairman of the Board Vo2: +46 70 735 21 25 douglas.roos@vo2cap.se



Oct 7, 2022